Jeremy Barker - Host with the most


1. Teddy Bridgewater - Miami Dolphins - Teddy B finally gets that elusive starting QB job! As the veteran with a rookie holding the clipboard - that rookie is Kyler Murray. But don’t jump to conclusions just yet. Now years removed from major injury, Teddy could actually be good enough play the whole season as the starter.

2. Ryan Fitzpatrick - Washington Redskins - The Skins really only need a stop gap till Alex Smith is back. Fitzpatrick could make Josh Doctson realize his potential - a rookie like Jarrett Stidham should be added for development

3. Ryan Tannehill - Jacksonville Jaguars - Assuming Tannehill is released, Jacksonville makes a lot of sense as a team that needs to draft a QB in round 1 but not have Blake Bortles as the stop gap. Tannehill is a better QB, but not necessarily the answer for anyone. Stop gap solution

4. Tyrod Taylor - Carolina Panthers - with Cam possibly missing some of the 2019 season, what better way to go in with Cam Newton lite at the helm. While Taylor Heinicke looked solid in spot duty last season, the Panthers can't go into 2019 without more of a plan.


1. Kareem Hunt - Oakland Raiders - What better team to take on a misfit than Oakland. The need is there, and Oakland has always brought in players with issues (martavis most recently). A bad team that needs to spend draft picks on defense and WR...this signing would help them a ton

1a. Le'veon Bell - Baltimore Ravens - Suck on that Pittsburgh! If Lev actually gets to free agency for real.... technically Baltimore can afford to make this happen with a few moves made, most notably ridding themselves of Joe Flacco. No more Gus Edwards/Alex Collins/Kenneth Dixon/Buck Allen decisions

2. Tevin Coleman - Philadelphia Eagles - The Eagles are not afraid to make splashes, and while this one gets very few folks wet..... it does covers the loss of Ajayi and Sproles, as Coleman is a jack of all trades RB and will fit nicely in Philly

3. Mark Ingram - Chicago Bears - Something tells me Jordan Howard gets traded before, or ON draft day, and Mark Ingram fits the Bears mold. This team is not far from contending for a title, and Ingram upgrades the RB position just enough to take the run game to the next level

4. Jay Ajayi - Tampa Bay Bucs - While I believe Ajayi's best days are behind him, he could be a solid part of a committee with Peyton Barber (rfa) and possibly Ronald Jones if he figures out how to play pro football. If Ajayi can get it back on track he could even end up pacing this backfield in carries....easily

5. Ty Montgomery - Jacksonville Jaguars - Yeldon wont be back, Fournette is nearing bust status...and one guy that can play a similar version to both of their games is Ty Mont. Possibly the steal of the RB class

6. Tj Yeldon - Atlanta Falcons - Want a cheaper Tevin Coleman? Here ya go. Will Devonta Freeman ever be ....Devonta Freeman? Ito Smith is not enough of a backup plan to keep Atlantas run game relevant. Yeldon is another underrated guy that can help a good football team.

7. Latavius Murray - New Orleans Saints - What better way to give Alvin Kamara more carries but at the same time not put all your chips on him being able to carry the load. Murray can take 15-20 carries to spell Kamara for a game in a pinch

8. Mike Davis - Buffalo Bills - Davis looked really solid in spot duty for Seattle, and Buffalo is a team in need of a guy like that with potential to carry the load if Lesean Mccoy departs. Davis could be a better version of Chris Ivory

9. Spencer Ware - Pittsburgh Steelers - I still expect Lev Bell to be on a different team come September, and if there’s one thing Pittsburgh knows, its how to make a veteran RB relevant to their plans. If James Connor misses any games, having Ware in your lineup is not a bad thing.

10. Bilal Powell - Minnesota Vikings - A nice backup option for Dalvin Cook is needed, and this is an under the radar signing that makes sense as Powell, like Tevin Coleman, is a jack of all trades, but at a steep discount.

11. Adrian Peterson - Washinton Redskins - Peterson simply gets rewarded for what he did for Washington in 2018. Rob Kelly will see different scenery (cfl?) and Alfred Blue rounds out the RB corp as a FA Signee not worth making #12 on this list


1. Golden Tate - New England Patriots - The Pats are likely to lose Chris Hogan, Josh Gordon, and Phillip Dorsett, and with Golden Tate nearing the end of his prime in a year or three....he goes for the title shot and takes a Pats discount to try and win one.

2. Adam Humphries - Seattle Seahawks - The window is closing for Seattle, and its time to give Russell Wilson a target monster. Humphries earned himself a nice payday and the Hawks can pay the man, and should.

3. Tyrell Williams - Miami Dolphins - The cap strapped Fins can make a nice splash without spending a ton of cash, as Tyrell is my favorite FA WR as far as bang for the buck goes. Tyrell may seem like another Kenny Stills to most, but truth be told, he has more potential than just serving as a deep threat.

4. Devin Funchess - NY Jets - the Jets have a lot of money to throw around, but does anyone want to be a Jet? This ends up being their biggest splash on offense. Personally think Dallas makes the most sense and Funchess converts to TE...but I am not a GM.

5. John Brown - Indianapolis Colts - Brown played well for the first half of the season with Joe Flacco.... Andrew Luck could make Brown a really solid #2 WR in the NFL.

6. Jamison Crowder - Green Bay Packers - Crowder has long suffered in Washingtons vanilla schemes, with less than stellar QB play....Green Bay changes that by making Crowder a wr3 again...he's going to love Rodgers.

7. Donte Moncrief - the Jets have to take shots on under-performing talent in a weak free agent class at WR. Funchess, Moncrief and Enunwa can be adequate if Sam Darnold takes the next step.

8 Chris Hogan - Tennesee Titans - Mariota needs a chain mover, and hogan needs to be out of Julian Edelmans shadow. With Delanie Walker coming off injury, it is imperative for the Titans to get a guy that can get open underneath, and Hogans nickname is 7-11 afterall.

8. Randall Cobb - LA Chargers - An aging vet for an aging vet, Phillip Rivers and a change of scenery could be good for a guy like Cobb, who ultimately I believe is done as a top 50 WR in the league. But the Chargers can take a flier on him seeing as how Keenan Allen and Mike Williams are now a really solid tandem.

9 Chris Conley - Carolina Panthers - Conley has the chance to be a better WR statistically in the right situation....this is not that situation. Carolina however can not trust that Dj Moore and Curtis Samuel is all they need at WR. Conley adds some size at the position.

10. Cole Beasley - Dallas Cowboys - Hey look! A re-signing! Dak and Cole 4 life! Dallas is going to lose Tavon Austin (probably to the jets lol) but i bet Dak pounds the table to keep one of his guys

11 Tavon Austin - Philadephia Eagles - The eagles are in cap hell, but they will find a way to sign a low key FA....albeit one that the cowboys didn’t quite capitalize on....and we all know how Philly likes to taunt the Cowboys. They technically can spot play Austin in the slot, and as a Darren Sproles like option in certain formations.

12 Dontrell Inman - Baltimore Ravens - likely to lose John Brown, the Ravens have always been good at finding low key replacements for departing free agents. Inman is a solid target for Baltimore to play while grooming a rookie WR.

13. Mike Wallace - Detroit Lions - The Lions take a flyer on the former Eagle and hope he can stay healthy enough to give Detroit a very solid thrice punch at WR….hopefully helping Matthew Stafford to come back to relevancy.

14. Phillip Dorsett - Pittsburgh Steelers - If Antonio Brown does indeed get traded, I look for James Washington to be JUST FINE. That being said, Phillip Dorsett showed flashes in New England, and Pittsburgh has a tendacy to take a flash and turn it into a bang.


1. Jared Cook - Dallas Cowboys - The Raiders are simply not talented enough to justify paying Cook, and I have a feeling he is going to demand some top 10 starter money at the position. In walk the Cowboys, depleted at TE and coming off a swing and a hit for Amari Cooper. With Coop, Gallup, Beasley and now Cook in the fold, not to mention Zeke to keep defenses honest… Dallas can help Dak take that next step in his progression and possibly do some damage in the NFC East.

2. Tyler Eifert - Denver Broncos - When you are firmly behind two other teams in your division talent wise on offense… you have to throw up some free agent hail mary’s. Almost sad that Eifert is the #2 FA TE on this list considering his injury history. The talent however is still there for a team to take a chance on.

3. CJ Uzomah - Cincinnati Bengals - Whats even more sad is that the number three TE on the list is another Bengal. Uzomah showed well when he could, and I expect the cash endowed Bengals to retain him.

4. Jesse James - Detroit Lions - The Outlaw goes to TE purgatory. Will he go down “Guns a’ Blazin’?” or just end up like Eric Ebron, and sign with Indy in a year or two and be a TE2 in fantasy even though he is the TE7 in Indy?

5. Tyler Kroft - Oakland Raiders - “The Tomb Raider” is a Raider. I couldn’t help myself. Sadly, likely the fifth best option is this FA class, Kroft can be serviceable. Go Gruden go!

6. Maxx Williams - Dallas Cowboys - Flush with cash, the Cowboys don’t stop at Jared Cook, and grab a former 1st rounder in Williams for competition.