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#FantasyImpact Is Back!!!

Yes, it’s true, I am back in written form. Weird, hey! But still, before I get started, I hope you are all staying safe, indoors and washing your hands.


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But why am I here? What have I got up my sleeve for you?


Well I got the first article of the season up right in time for the #NFLDraft night! And starting off I want to go over some prospects who could go early, mid-round and late for you to keep an eye on prior to your dynasty drafts starting up!


So, what are we waiting for?


Early Round Guys:


We know Wide Receivers are plentiful this year, and they all offer so many different qualities, which to me is why this conversation has been so incredible. We have seen the CeeDee Lamb comparisons to DeAndre Hopkins, or Jerry Jeudy compared to an Odell Beckham Jr, and Henry Ruggs compared to DeSean Jackson as well as Denzel Mims compared to Chris Godwin, or Laviska Shenault compared to Cordarelle Patterson and so on and so on.


It is one of the most intriguing classes I can remember in some time and there’s a couple of landing spots I want to go over. Now we have heard about the New York Jets taking a wide receiver and that sounds great, but then you remember that Adam Gase kills anything that isn’t a slot receiver. Then there is the Las Vegas Raiders and then you think ‘Derek Carr isn’t going deep and won’t stretch his receivers out’ which does not sound that appealing either.


With that said, there are three teams that I am keeping an eye on who could make early wide receiver picks that will have #FantasyImpact.


San Francisco traded away star DeForest Buckner to the Colts in lieu of the 13 Pick overall (along with Pick 31) and have literally nothing but Deebo Samuel and George Kittle. I would imagine one of those two picks are for a wide receiver. That already moves them to the top of the pile.


Philadelphia is kind of in the same boat, with DeSean Jackson coming back from virtually the whole year off, and maybe Alshon Jeffery is there still too. But Carson Wentz made Greg Ward relevant and it is with that in mind that they should pair him up with someone to work more inside, again that could move someone on your list to the top of the pile too.


Baltimore nearly moved themselves into the Super Bowl on the back of Mark Andrews and Mark Ingram. Their wide receivers were led by rookie Marquise Brown, but his supporting cast is average at best. Again, should they land a technician to work more inside to help Brown out that would be massive for Lamar Jackson.


Mid-Round Running Backs:


Sounds weird to say, but Running Backs aren’t everyone's cup of tea as of late, are they? They carry the brutality of the job more than most. They have a shorter career lifespan than most positions and no one wants to pay them. More than ever, NFL evaluators are taking running backs later than in years past trying to find late value. But again, with all this in mind there are a few teams that I want to touch base on:


Now I do not care if they have just traded for David Johnson, the Houston Texans only just declared his physical as a clean bill of health. That bothers me because A) they gave up a 2nd round pick for a running back who may not have passed his physical and B) that doesn’t mean that the guy who passed his physical can hold up for a whole year because let’s face it, it’s been a while hasn’t it? So, while I disagree with Bill O’Brien and his methods, I don’t disagree that if a running back were drafted this year that it wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen.


I know the L.A. Chargers just let Melvin Gordon walk and locked up Austin Ekeler, but I do not think that is the end of their business in the running back stakes. I can see them looking to find a compliment to not only Ekeler but Justin Jackson too. Now could A.J. Dillon or Zack Moss be that type of guy they are looking for? I would not hate the fit.


Detroit is also a team worth keeping an eye on in the running back department. It feels like it has been a while since they’ve had a healthy running back play all 16 games in a season and I'm not sure about how sold the Lions are on Kerryon Johnson. Once Johnson succumbed to injuries again this year, they went through a litany of average-to-mediocre replacements and I do not think that’ll hold up again.



Late Round Tight Ends:


Tight Ends this year are guys that half your league has likely never heard of. On top of that it's hard to say if any of the guys that fall late aren’t worth a look at right? So here are a few names to keep an eye to see how it may pan out post draft:


I kind of like what Dayton prospect Adam Trautman has put together albeit out of small school Dayton. He has had the production over a couple of seasons at College level but still he doesn’t come with all the publicity like someone from a ‘bigger’ school might. Still, 23 touchdowns and 111 receptions over the past two seasons isn’t anything to sneeze at despite the quality of opposition he faced. Atlanta did just move on from Austin Hooper so...maybe!


Cincinnati will be without Tyler Eifert for the first time in a long time so it would be weird to see them line up their new (and likely) quarterback in Joe Burrow. But could they go down the path the Colts did and line up him with a former colleague ala Andrew Luck with Coby Fleener? I could see that happening. Thad Moss and Stephen Sullivan are guys who will likely go on Day 3. And a move like this would almost feel like a layup, but again, should they steer away from former L.S.U. teammates I can imagine they opt for local college product Josiah Deguara.


And there you have it!


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